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Satisfied Clients

A Designer You Can Trust

"My business partner and I have worked with Amir for the past year. When we wanted our website to get a facelift, he stepped up and took care of everything. What was amazing is he was so patient and really wanted to bring our vision to life rather than having his own agenda. His guidance and professionalism is what separates him from any other marketing partner we’ve ever had. He’s now part of our team and manages all of our marketing. We can’t sing his praises enough! "

Chanda McGuffin,
Co-Founder & CFO of RISE

"My organization has been working with Amir for a year now, his level of professionalism and quality of service is impressive and truly hard to come by these days. Amir understands with ease what we need even when we struggle to explain what we are envisioning. He is able to understand what we need and deliver high quality results without delay.  He will be an asset to any business that decides to utilize his services."

Sharon M. Fitz, 
RISE Co-Founder & CEO



Creating Results with a Lasting Impact

"Amir has been nothing short of a blessing to me. His work ethic is unmatched! He listened to me and brought my vision from my brain right to my website. He listened to me and never once complained about anything. After our first conversation he got right to work with no excuses or delays. He really takes care of his clients from the beginning until the very end of the project and even checks in after the fact. I cannot wait to work with him again in the future he is now my go to marketing and tech guy! I recommend him to everyone I come across that needs the services he provides. He is efficient, patience, hardworking, trustworthy, and very reliable. All the qualities that are so hard to find today. He is very affordable too!! Thank you, Amir, for your hard work and dedication it does not go unnoticed."
The Learning Café Express

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A Professional Touch

"Amir’s quality, patience, and customer service is unmatched! I hired him to revamp my website. While only speaking via phone and text, he was able to bring my vision to light and deliver a page that is reflective of who I am. My questions were always answered within 24 hours, and the solutions immediately followed. I am sure to hire him again for my next two web pages. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, creative, customer focused web designer who can deliver quality results in a timely manner."
Owner of Meya Sophia, South Carolina

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Increased Brand Awareness

Ricardo “Amir” at King's Mentality Enterprises LLC took my author website from clutter to fresh and functional. Right away I could see the impact the change had for potential readers and organizations navigating my site. If you want someone to really believe in your potential, listen to your vision, and take it to the next design level look no further. 

Lori, Virginia


My NEW BFF: King’s Mentality Enterprises  

"How can one express gratitude with mere words when the needed and necessary words don’t exist??? I came to this man open to his thoughts about my rebrand, and he nonchalantly accepted the task without hesitation! Now I used the word “nonchalantly” because when you’re beyond talented, you don’t have to talk about the business because you are the business that means business!!! He was prompt, professional, and understood the assignment with little to no direction from me! I prayed to God, asking Him to send me His gift for my vision and Amir showed up!!! Now, this is the start to a beautiful friendship and working relationship and I’m excited for what’s ahead!!! Book him… not only are his hands blessed… HE IS THE BLESSING!!!"
M. Janean Wilson

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The Best Customer Service You Could Ask For

"I had a great time working with Amir. He was very polite and committed to providing great service. He was also very friendly but most importantly he was patient with me and respectful. I am looking forward to working with him again. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family."
-Angela, Georgia

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Working with Amir was a pure breath of fresh air! Needing to get a logo for my business, a close friend of mine connected he and I. Thing is, my logo needed to be re-created from a photo I had taken of a proof drawn up for me by a local logo maker in my area. I had so much faith in Amir being able to handle the job. His patience, consistency in keeping me in the loop, along with communication, as well as his attention to detail brought my logo to life. I am grateful for his not giving up because this was not an easy task. NEVERTHELESS, when my logo was completed, I WAS COMPLETELY enamored. It encompasses EVERYTHING about the brand. Now, he's my go-to and my referred logo designer. Thanks Amir.. 

-Angelica Brown

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The Patience of a Saint

Ricardo has made my experience a pleasure. He captured exactly what was in my mind and brought it to life. He does amazing work, and he was patient with me.  I ran him through the ringer lol not on purpose, but he was always very professional and courteous and very quick to respond. Amazing customer service and work. I recommend to all.
-William Brown

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The Web Design Master

I started a website a year ago, and it was poorly designed by another company. This overcharged website overwhelmed me with bad business. One day while scrolling through Facebook, I found Ricardo’s ad for websites and logos, so I reached out to him. He not only created a website that finally worked well for me, but he also created my custom logo. He was not only honest and efficient but fast. He assured me with wonderful knowledge and guidance about his products. He also ensured that my vision for my products and website were perceived. He listened to me and had no hidden agenda. I am forever grateful! 
-Shala Powers

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Gives His Very Best

Amir and Kings Mentality Enterprise LLC did an amazing job designing my book cover. When I placed an ad on Facebook for help I had dozens of people who responded but none stood out like Amir. He not only started on it the same day, but he sent me samples of his work and gave me an assurance that he could create exactly what I needed. He did an outstanding job. If you give him your business, he will give you his best. 
-Trevor, Florida

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Does Business The Right Way

I absolutely loved the work Kings Mentality, Amir, did for me. Not only does he do great graphics but he really listens, very attentive, creative and has become a great friend through our buisness morals and values. I have someone to call on when I need something and I know It's going to be done RIGHT and with SPEED!! His turn around time is absolutely AMAZING and he does a fabulous job on getting my thoughts and even un spoken thoughts in my projects. I HIGHLY 10000x infinity RECOMMEND AMIR for services. You won't be disappointed!! 

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Elevates Your Business 

KME Designs provided my organization with great, fast, and outstanding service! Ricardo is very creative and provides support every step of the way. My Non-Profit organization is new, and he has not only provided outstanding design services, but he has also been my business coach and has helped me strengthen my knowledge pertaining to my niche. Not to mention the prices are very reasonable for the amount of service you receive. He is honest and gives the best constructive criticism any business owner could ask for and sets you up for success. I will continue to work with KME Designs long term.

-Walking with a Purpose, Founder Tequeya Spann

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Epitome of Customer Service

When I started my Life Coaching business, I needed everything created that a business needs to stand out in the market. I found a King's Mentality Enterprise and instantly knew that I would be taken care of when it comes to all my designing needs. I had my logo designed and my website was custom built to the specific needs of my business. I have received compliments on my website and how user friendly it is to navigate. I continue to utilize a King's Mentality Enterprise for all of my graphic design needs such as Ads, flyers, brochures, business cards, or whatever I need. A King's Mentality Enterprise has never disappointed me and exhibits consistent excellent customer service as well as very fast turn-a-round times. Amir really listens and is able to capture the vision of his customers. I have been so satisfied that I have referred other businesses to him. I highly recommend this company for all things business and graphics!


A Very Satisfied Customer,

Sherel H. Lawson

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KME Designs is INCREDIBLE! I had a vision I was looking for regarding my business’ logos and they went above and beyond to bring them to life. Extremely quick turnaround time, top tier professionalism, and excellent quality product. Highly recommend their services! Thank you so much! 

-Valley360 Photobooth, Owner Kiki

valley360 photobooth logo.png

Stellar Attitude of Greatness

Kings Mentality is the pinnacle of professionalism, efficient, high quality and timely service.  Whether it’s been a logo, website or other design that are needed. He never disappoints.  He provides a platinum service with a stellar attitude of greatness.  I personally would recommend putting him on retainer because he will never disappoint!

-Marla Clark

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Visionary Designer

I hired Amir to do a new logo for my preschool.  I didn't really have any solid ideas, just the name of my school and my vision for the school.  He answered immediately with four designs all amazing and breathtaking.  I couldn't believe he had managed to capture not only my preschool but me as an educator as well with what I value. I highly recommend his services! Creative genius, best customer service, and quick turnaround. You will not regret working with Kings Mentality.

King's Mentality just finished putting together my website for my business. I run a small business and have always wanted to streamline my information and paperwork that is due.  Amir had already created a fabulous logo for me that matched my vision for my school.  The website was completed in a very timely manner with Amir paying attention to all the details and asking clarifying questions throughout the process.  I absolutely LOVE the finished product.  It matches not only my school but also me as a person! I could not be happier from start to finish with this project.

-Jennifer Nicholls-

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A Company That Believes in The Clients

Working with Amir has been amazing. I told him I wanted to be a model & he's doing everything he can to get me there! From managing socials to making me a top tier website. I have everything I need for the next step. All thanks to Amir! 


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An Eye For Vision

Amir has been the biggest help in jump starting my nonprofit organization. My website is clean, inviting, and professional and I can thank Amir for that. Not only does he have the eye and vision for special projects you can clearly see he has a passion for all that he does as well. I love the way he communicates with me and how he is on time for every meeting we have ever had. I would 100% recommend King’s Mentality Enterprises any day. 

 -Bridgette, Founder of RSTAD 

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Dope Book Cover Designer

Working with Ricardo was one of the best experiences I've had working with a graphic designer. I told him what my book was about and he brought it to life right to the cover of my book! I would recommend him to other authors looking for a dope book cover designer!



Jack of All Trades

"Ricardo is incredible at what he does! Not only did he craft me an amazing book cover that brings a lot of attention to my novel, but the turnaround time was INSANE! He's extremely patient and will do anything he can to deliver your vision. He's also very willing to try new things and always ends up killing it! He has created my book cover and even helped with formatting. He's also amazing with creating logos and websites. I certainly recommend Ricardo for any of your graphic needs! I would never go to anyone else again!"

-Authoress Tazz

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Talented Graphic Designer

Amir, Owner and Founder of King’s Mentality Enterprises LLC is an incredibly talented
graphic designer who was easy to work with, highly professional, and captured exactly
what we were looking for in designing graphics and apparel design for our initial
collection for our anxiety is real website.  He listened to our ideas, asked questions
about what we were trying to accomplish, and really made sure that he understood our
goals before getting to work, and we could not be happier with the outcome! He would
even take the initiative and create designs on his own which we were ecstatic about.
We would absolutely recommend him to anyone and would definitely work with him
again! Check out to see a lot of what he has done.
-Anxiety ;s Real Owner

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